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We're excited!

Golden Apple is starting a new partnership with Elements, and we couldn't be more excited!

Starting October 13th, we'll be teaching our super basic magick ONLINE alongside the team at Elements - and we want you to be there!

You can attend in your jammies and come to the class after the fact - we'll have it waiting for you here and on a password-protected Youtube channel. Sign up for all 5 classes (plus a bonus Convocation preview class in February) for $85. All class meetings take place on Zoom, and you'll get your links for the meeting at time of purchase.

Only want to take one class, or one or two? The classes are all sliding scale, and you can get your tickets through Eventbrite. Click the links to buy your tickets!

Starting Your Practice Oct 13th

Basic Energy Work November 10th

Energy Work with Tools December 8

Meeting and Working with the 5 Elements January 12

Cleansing and Warding March 9

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